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What is Amarillo USAF?
How do I install this font?
How do I use this font?
Registering - How do I do it?
How do I get in touch with TLai Enterprises?
License and other legal information.

What is Amarillo USAF?

Amarillo USAF is an aircraft marking font that duplicates the lettering
specification used for current US Air Force aircraft. You can find this
style of lettering on US military aircraft dating back to WWII, on both
Navy and Army/Air Force planes and helicopters. Some modelers have used it
to add N-numbers to reproductions of civilian aircraft. With this font,
you can create authentic decals for scale models, make vinyl lettering for
movie and television props, and accurately reproduce markings on 3D modeled
aircraft (all depending on your level of expertise.) Both Macintosh and
PC versions are available. (This 30-day shareware trial version is offered
in complete form. If you wish to keep it, please remember to pay your
registration fee.)

How do I install this font?

(Win95/98, WinNT)

If you're installing the TrueType version, open up your Control Panel
(Start > Settings > Control Panel) and then open up the Fonts folder. You
can install by either selecting "Install New Font..." from the File menu,
or by dragging the "amarurgt.ttf" file into the Fonts folder. After
installing, you may have to restart your current applications for Amarillo
USAF to appear. In some cases, you may have to restart Windows.

If you're trying to install under Windows 3.1, open up your Control Panel
(Main > Control Panel) and then open up the Fonts icon. You can install by
clicking the "Add" button.

If you're trying to install the Type 1 version, you must have Adobe Type
Manager or an equivalent Postscript interpreter/rasterizer available. To
install, please refer to the instructions that came with those utilities
regarding installation and font-management.

If you are installing this font on a Chyron or SGI system, please refer to
the documentation that came with your font converter/installer.

WARNING: Do not install both Type 1 and TrueType versions of the same font
at the same time - this may produce unpredictable results. It is okay to
mix Type 1 and TrueType, as long as you don't mix two versions of the same

How do I use this font?

Amarillo USAF comes in two formats: Type 1 Postscript, and TrueType. Both
of these font formats are vector-based, meaning that you can scale your
text to any size without suffering from "jaggies." This is important if
you want output at different sizes to look the same.

Type 1 is usually preferred if you plan on outputting your work through a
service bureau. If you're working at home, you'll need a
Postscript-compatible printer or a software-based rasterizer, like Adobe
Type Manager (ATM), or Ghostscript. If you don't have ATM, or choose not
to use Postscript, you can use TrueType. TrueType, a different font format
created by Apple Computer and Microsoft, is built into all modern versions
of the MacOS, and handles rasterization of TrueType fonts at different
sizes, just as ATM does with Type 1 fonts.

Once you've installed the format that you wish to use, you should be able
to use it in any of your favorite word-processing, design layout, or
image-manipulation programs, by selecting AmarilloUSAF-Regular from the
font menu. You can scale it in a variety of different sizes, and
depending on the features of the program you are using, change the color,
spacing, and pitch (angle) of the font to fit your needs.

If you wish to make scale model decals, there is a very good collection of
tips concerning types of printers, decal paper, and application techniques
available in the rec.models.scale FAQ. A link to the FAQ is available at
the USA IPMS site:

The USA branch of the IPMS (International Plastic Modelers' Society) is
also a great place to find out more about modeling in general. In addition
to the link to tips and resources, the site also has links to IPMS chapters
across the United States, and chapters internationally.

Registering - How do I do it?

Thank you for your choice to keep Amarillo USAF. We hope that you will
continue to find this font useful, and suggest that you also take a look at
LongBeach USN, a US Navy marking font. You can find more info at

To register this shareware trial version, follow the directions in the "To
Register..." folder that was included in the archive.

* The cost of Amarillo USAF is $12 for a single user license.

* The cost of a network pack license is $50 for up to 5 users.
(A network pack license is required for installs on networked servers
and printers.)

To embed the font as vector information in a game or other software, please
contact us to arrange licensing.

More information is available in the "To Register..." folder, or online
from our site at

How do I get in touch with TLai Enterprises?

Here is our contact information:




US POSTAL: (Allow up to 2 weeks for receipt and reply.)

Tom C. Lai
c/o Kagi
1442-A Walnut Street #392-TB
Berkeley, California, 94709-1405

Correspondence and payment addresses are slightly different! Make sure you
send payments to the address given to you by the Registration application

Junk e-mail (aka, spam) is not accepted at the above e-mail address. Say
no to spammers!

License and other legal information.

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