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Abraham Lincoln Font Free Download

Abraham Lincoln Font

This typeface belonging to the San-serif font family was made by the designer Frances Macleod, actually Abraham Lincoln is the sixteenth chief of the united states of America, it is a logo of Frances Macleod.

This typeface comes in one format TTF file, this font was encouraged by the equilibrium of the 16th of the USA and billboard of the 1800s. it is an advanced typeface with pleasant diversity and strong serif.

This typeface comes in one style Regular and 3D transmits in capital and tiny letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation, and is free for personal use.

It was mainly founded on a solid and wild of limitations. Attentive that there is no such section as overall objectivity, this typeface is not available in the Google font library, but you download it from our website.

This typeface is suitable for headlines, logos, headers, etc. This typeface can be used on any platform such as Adobe InDesign, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, etc.

The Sizzling Look at Abraham Lincoln Font

Abraham Lincoln Font Preview

Incorporating Abraham Lincoln Font in Designs with a Sense of Adventure

This typeface is a dazzling choice for all types of design projects. With its plane and contemporary format, this font can amaze and help you to make stunning designs.

It works well in numerical and pattern display, this font style is good for the creation of websites, graphics, logos, titles, documentation, scripts, slips, statement writing, header and footer, and much more.

Whether you are a designer then, this typeface is the finest selection for all of your designs. While you need a font for a commercial logo or book label or another presentation project. You can use this chic in several projects to shape a skilled and gorgeous look for your project.

Frequently Raised Questions!

Who created Abraham Lincoln Font?

Frances Macleod was the developer of this typeface.

What type of font is Abraham Lincoln?

This typeface belongs to the Sans-Serif typeface, it is an advanced typeface with pleasant diversity and a strong serif.

Can I Use Abraham Lincoln Font on an Online Platform?

yes, you can use this typeface in all kinds of bids like Mega Creators, Adobe InDesign, Sketch, etc.

Can I Download and Use Abraham Lincoln Font on My Pc and Mac?

This type is free for any type of usage. So, you can unconditionally download this typeface style for PC and Mac.

Is Abraham Lincoln Font a Microsoft font?

This font is a Sans-Serif typeface. It is frequently used for skilled design submissions and is also present in Microsoft Office.

Where can I get Abraham Lincoln font?

The complete family of this font is open as a Free Download from our website.

What is Abraham Lincoln Font used for?

This type is perfect for eminence your all design projects, you can produce delightful logos, headlines, headers, and several excellent designing purposes.


This gorgeous typeface is best for many designs so you will have to download it by clicking on the given button.
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