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Arial Font Free Download

Arial Font

Arial font is a Sans-Serif typeface designed by Rubin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders in 1982 for Monotype Typography. It is a very famous typeface that contains all sets of computer fonts in the Neo grotesque style.

This font style has been selected by Microsoft as the standard interface font in Microsoft Office. But in 2007 version of Office, this font has been replaced by the Calibri font, which you can also download from our website.

It is also listed among the most used computer font. The font has the utmost similarities to the helvetica font. Characters of these fonts are quite similar. But if you observe the helvetica font has much more condensed characters than this font. This font has fewer wide characters than helvetica.

It is among the best fonts for printing purposes. It is not available in the Google font library. This typeface comes in different styles Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic, the shape of its characters is strongly influenced by Monotype. It is a contemporary Sans-serif typeface best for all kinds of projects.

This typeface has the curvier of the two designs, with easier, filled curves and more open stands. It has a totally graceful, weaker look.

This font is mostly used in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft applications, Apple’s macOS, Cdn, and many other computer printers. It can also be utilized in designing platforms like canva, Adobe photoshops, etc.

The Characters Display of Arial Font

Arial Font Preview

Why and Where We Can Use Arial Font?

In the year of 1992, Microsoft chose this typeface as the four-core TTF font in Windows 3.1, as declaring this as an alternative to helvetica font. This font is the top option for the construction of logos, T-shirts, titles of book posters, branding, statement writing, clothing, websites, fashion magazine, game graphic, invitation cards, video graphics, official cards, headlines, newspapers, and several other display projects.

This font design is web harmless; you can utilize this font in any application like Linux, Canvas, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft word, etc. It can provide a gorgeous and gentle touch to your presentation.

If you need to see its preview before putting in it, then use the font generator facility for it. A font generator can create it result before implanting it into your computer application.

FAQs by Designer!

Why is Arial Font so popular?

This typeface has been selected by Microsoft as a primary text. It has been utilized in numerous professional projects all over the globe. It is also used as the standard font in offices and corporate sections.

Who was the designer of Arial Typeface?

Rubin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders were the designers of this typeface. He has also designed a number of famous typefaces like this font.

What fonts are similar to Arial Font?

Helvetica Font, Tahoma Font, Verdana font are similar fonts to this typeface. You can also found more similar fonts to this typeface in our font library.

Is Arial a free font?

This typeface has a free version for individual projects although you need a license for commercial uses.

Is Arial a professional Font?

This font is the most used font for official matters because of its clean and readable characters. It is also a standard font for Microsoft.

Is Arial or Calibri better?

Both fonts are famous in their own league and both of the are available in our font library. If you observe closely you can notice the characters of Calibri font is minimum artistic flair them Arial Font. Characters are wider than the characters in Calibri font.

Who uses Arial Font?

This font is mostly used in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft applications, Apple’s macOS, and many other computer printers.

Is Arial better than Helvetica?

Helvetica font has more stylish characters than this typeface. But both fonts are the most used font in majority of projects and companies.


This cozy typeface is best for different works, if you wish to use it for your plans such as commercials or personal tasks then need to download it from the given button.
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