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Avenir Font is a member of the geometric sans serif typeface family. This font was designed by a famous typeface designer Adrian Frutiger. He develops this font in 1987 and In 1988 Linotype release this font. The Avenir word comes from the French language which means “Future”.

Initially, this font was released in 1988. This version includes 3 weights. After some time this was expended to 6 weights with roman and oblique versions.

In 2007 a typeface designer from Linotype, Akira Kobayashi expand the whole Avenir family and create a new version with the name of Avenir Next.

The Arabic version of this font, Janna was released in 2004. In Arabic heaven is called Janna. This font is available in 2 styles, Regular and Bold. This version has the capability to support Adobe 2, Persian, Arabic, and Urdu characters.

Another updated version of this font is Avenir Next Rounded. This font was released in 2012. Akira Kobayashi and Sandra Winter create this version. This font family is consisting of four weights, Regular, Medium, Demi, and Bold.


In the city of Amsterdam, this font is a primary font for identity. A university Wake Forest also uses this font as the primary typeface. This font is using as branding by the State University of New York.

You can use this font in any design in your own way as a book cover, logo making is a great typeface. You can create a great design by pairing it with Universe fonts.

There are very few fonts that can compete with this font. This font is very important in the world of graphics. You can use this font to create business cards, assignments, presentations, headings, posters.

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Avenir Font

Font Information

NameAvenir Font
DesignerAdrian Frutiger
StyleSans serif
File FormatTTF, OTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

A free version of this font is available for personal designs. You cannot use this free version for your business purposes. If you like to utilize this text style for your business, you need to purchase a license.

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Avenir Font Family Includes

  • Avenir Light
  • Avenir Light Oblique
  • Avenir Book
  • Avenir Book Oblique
  • Avenir Oblique
  • Avenir Roman
  • Avenir Medium
  • Avenir Medium Oblique
  • Avenir Heavy
  • Avenir Heavy Oblique
  • Avenir Black
  • Avenir Black Oblique
  • Avenir Condensed Hand

Avenir Font Free Download

We are providing here a free version of this font. If you like and want to use this font for your personal designs, click on the download button and get this font.

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Language Support

Avenir Font supports up to 79 languages.

Arabic, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovenian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Kazakh (Latin), Czech, French, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Irish, Estonian, Swedish, Belarusian (Latin), Danish, Basque, Kurdish (Latin), Croatian, Finnish, Romanian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Luxembourgian, and Icelandic in Latin, Arabic, and other scripts.

Font FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of font is Avenir font?

Avenir Font is a member of the geometric sans serif typeface family.  Adrian Frutiger designed this font in 1987.

Is Avenir a free font?

This font is available free for personal designs. You cannot use this free version for your business purposes. To use in business designs, you should purchase a license.

How to install Avenir font on Computer?

You can get this font from the download section. After download opens the zip file and installs this font on your pc.

What font is similar to Avenir font?

Montserrat Font, Neue Helvetica, FF Kievitz, Ropa Sans Font are similar to this font.


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