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Block Letter Font Free Download

Block Letter Font

Block Letter Font is a bold and legible typeface that can elevate your project or design and make it stand out. This awesome font has its place in the Sans-Serif font family designed by Dennis Ludlow and released by Shark Shock.

This typeface has a neat and clean appearance that can create your design more attractive and understandable. Due to its clarity and legibility score, it is the top option for several inventors. Designers, and creators who want to make their presentation/design/project extraordinary.

This typeface has TTF and OTF features which make it easy to use on different applications like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Mega Creators, Canva, Sketch, and so on.

Block Letter Font Weights & Styles

This typeface is based on the now-defunct Blockbuster Video logo, it also looks like the Hollywood signs, army lettering, and collegiate apparel writing. This font also has inflexible angles and loads of traditional lines.

This typeface comprises 4 different weights Regular, Outline, Tall, and 3D. The Regular weight is available for personal use only and the other three are available in a purchased license. This font style has only all caps, basic punctuations, European accents, diacritics, and kerning.

Block Letter Font

License Information of Block Letter Font

This font is free for personal use only though, if you want to use it for corporate/professional purposes then you have to buy a license from its authors.

Role of Block Letter Font in Graphic Designing

Typography is an important part of a project that affects both attractiveness and availability. If you are creating an ad, headline, header, or display, and you want to make it attention-grabbing and excellent then this font can perform an important role for you.

This font can make it legible and stand out. You can apply it in large and small body copy or text, this font is perfect for symbols, headings, posters, and banners, its thicker strokes make it elegant and graceful.

Block Letter Font Similarity With Other Font

This font is perfect for signage, headers, caption, and those projects who want a bolder and more readable texture. Here is a list of those fonts which have some similarities/resemblance with this font.

  • Lora Font
  • Advent Pro Font
  • Age Font
  • Blackout Font
  • Chunk Font
  • Freshman Font
  • Gabo Font
  • Great Lakers Font

These fonts are comparable to this font family which can make your project graceful and notable even from a distance.


This typeface is versatile typeface take can play a significant role in any type of display or project. You can use this font in the making of signage, logos, titles, headlines, billboards, reports, documents, etc. This font is a good option for marketing purposes and business plans.

Moreover, this font is perfect for both print and digital media and gives wonderful results. This font is compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, Apple, Linux, and other devices. You can apply it for the making of banners, t-shirt printing, articles, and a lot more, I assure you, this font can bring a touch of excellence and elegance to your project and make it incredible.


By clicking on the download button below, you can obtain this font from our website, which offers various features, functions, and applications.
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