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Bodoni Font Free Download

Bodoni font is a Serif typeface created by Italian designer Giambattista Bodoni in 1740-1813 late 18th period, this typeface is classified as Didone-contemporary. In the same century, several other versions have been completed like LTC Bodoni 175, Berthold Bodoni Antiqua, Bauer Bodoni, etc.

This typeface was inspired by the ideas of John Baskerville, who formed the Baskerville type with an enlarged hit contrast, and more upright axis. But this font is changed and mixed, it has a summarized original smooth construction, unbracketed serifs, risky contrast among tinny and thick hits, and overall geometric structure.

This typeface contains 8 different weights Regular, Book, Bold, Bold Condensed, Roman, Bold Italic, and Book Italic, Italic, also includes uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and punctuation.

Furthermore, you can make several designs by using this font through its font generator tool without any cost, you can utilize this typeface with Josefin Slab Font to make your design attractive and perfect.

This typeface is suitable for all software programs like Canva, Adobe, and CorelDraw, and 100% secure for all types of devices such as Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, Apple, etc.

The Glyphs Appearance of Bodoni Font

Bodoni Font Preview

Enhancing Your Design with Bodoni Font

This typeface is very popular because of is mostly used in many notable companies’ logos, and projects, some of the places where this font was used, Vogue magazine, Armani, and Valentino, used this font in their logos.

You can use this font in the making of logos, headlines, captions, website designs, app designs, titles, headers, footers, assignments, documentation, PowerPoint presentation, report writing, official cards, and many other texts and graphic designs.

You can make pair of this font with Brandon Grotesque font and Gill Sans Font to achieve highly attractive, attention-grabbing, and unforgettable. This typeface is best for banners, posters, and printing materials. It is a top recommendation for your next project.

FAQs about Bodoni Font!

Who Designed the Bodoni Font?

Giambattista Bodoni designed this font in the late 18th period.

What Type of Font Is Bodoni Font?

is a Serif typeface created by an Italian designer Giambattista Bodoni in 1740-1813 late 18th period, this typeface is classified as Didone-contemporary.

What font goes with Bodoni Font? 

Raleway font, Gill Sans font, and Brandon Grotesque font go well with this amazing typeface and make the project stunning.

Where You Can Use Bodoni Font?

You can apply this font in many places like printing work, sites, designs, prints, and other stages.

Can You Use Bodoni texture Free in Commercial Designs?

Yes, you can use this incredible font in all types of design projects as they are paid or unpaid, it is a completely free typeface.

Why is Bodoni typeface so popular?

This typeface has fashionable features, like roman letters, unbracketed serifs, and geometric surfaces that make it very popular among designers and also used in Vogue Magazine, which is why it is very popular.

Who uses Bodoni texture?

Valentino, Vogue, Armani, Dior, Calvin Klein, and Elle used this typeface for their projects and logos.

What Is Bodoni texture Generator?

It is an online tool to create beautiful designs without downloading them into your system and free of cost.

What font is closest to Bodoni typeface?

Valencia font, Worldwide font, and Valencia Serial font are closest to this typeface style.

What fonts are similar to Bodoni’s texture?

Roboto font and Gill Sans font are most similar to this font family


This gorgeous typeface is best for many designs so you will have to download it by clicking on the given button.
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