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Chicago Font Free Download

Let’s introduce another Sans-Serif typeface recognized as Chicago Font formed by Susan Kare for Apple computers. This font was used in macOS UI from 1983-1997. Firstly, it was a bitmap font and was used in the first version of the iPod UI. Afterward, this typeface was recreated by Bigelow & Kris Holmes to make it more impressive.

This typeface exchanged the Charcoal font in MacOS 8 as the default font. Another version of this font was also modified for the use of English in Super NES by Squaresoft named Chicago Pixel Font.

This typeface family originates from TTF and OTF file formats along with 14 different weights Regular, 3D Regular, Italic, Flat Regular, Bright Neon 3D Regular, Neon Regular, Flat 3D Regular, 3D Italic, Neon 3D Regular, Bright Neon 3D Italic, Flat Italic, Flat 3D Italic, Neon Italic, Neon 3D Italic, and also contains uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, symbols, signs, numbers, and special characters.

Due to its stunning appearance and features, this font is highly suitable for Android, Infinix, Apple, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Ubuntu, and all types of Windows. You can use this font in Word, PowerPoint, Canva, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Mega Creators, Sketch, Eagle, and many other software submissions.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to download this font onto your OS or Pc then you can use the Chicago Font generator tool that will help you to create beautiful text designs by using this font with amazing effects and color schemes without any cost.

How Chicago Font Adds Legibility to Your Design

This font is used in many places like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, both are role-play videos game that used this font for the use of English.

This typeface can be applied in the making of company logos, titles, captions, headlines, banners, posters, documents, assignments, newspapers, business layouts, tags, ads, houseware products, presentations, and many other displays.

Chicago Font Preview

This typeface is the best option for website designs, app designs, graphics, printing, and advertising, and it is convenient for both print and digital media.


This high-quality font is free for personal use and alternatives however, it has a proscribed license for profitable projects and ideas.

Commonly Raised Questions!

Is Chicago Font free?

This font is free for personal use if you want to use it commercially then you have to buy the license.

What type of font is Chicago Font?

This font is a Sans-Serif typeface recognized as Chicago Font formed by Susan Kare for Apple computers. This font was used in macOS UI from 1983-1997.

What is a similar font to Chicago Font on Google fonts?

Big Shoulder Text Font is similar to this font family, this is a big family of American Gothic Variable Fonts, and it is available on google fonts.

What is a similar font to Chicago Font on Adobe?

Typetanic font is founded on the Chicago font style, and it is available on Adobe fonts, you can use it as an alternative to this font family.


You can download this extraordinary typeface by clicking on the blue download button below.
  • File Type
    OTF & TTF
  • Licence
    Free For Personal Use

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