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Fira Code Font Free Download

Fira Code Font

Fira Code Font is a modified version of Fira Mono Font, that belongs to the Sans-Serif font family, this font is made on order by Telefonica S.A & The Mozilla Corporation.

This typeface consists of a set of ligatures for mutual programming multi-character groupings. This is just a font translation feature: the original code remainders which supports us in reading and recognizing the codes quicker.

Thanks to its open-font license which helps us to utilize this font wherever we want without a purchased license. this typeface can be used in various applications or programs.

Fira Code Font Designer and Weights

This amazing font style was designed by Nikita Prokopov and commissioned by Telefonica S.A & The Mozilla Corporation. this typeface is made for understanding the program coding very quickly which makes it excellent and perfect for programming applications.

This typeface comprises 5 different weights and styles Regular, Medium, Light, Bold, and Semi Bold. This typeface supports multiple languages.

Moreover, it also contains 1639 glyphs and unique characters including capital case, small case, digits, punctuations, and special characters. This font brilliantly increases the time the designer to scan the code faster. This typeface also contains Latin Extended, Greek Extended, and Cyrillic Extended Set

Applications and Uses of Fira Code Font

This typeface can be used in several applications like Canva, CorelDraw, and Adobe, and is compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, Apple, Linux, Ubuntu, and other devices.

Furthermore, it is useful for digital applications and print media. You can use this font on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Besides, several browsers support this font like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Code Mirror, etc.

You can use this font for several purposes and projects it can make your projects legible and understandable. Due to its clarity and advanced features, this font is used on some notable projects and apps such as Blink Shell, Web Maker, CodePen, Klipes, All JetBrains Products, etc.

This font can be used in several programming projects to decode or scan the code faster. It will take no time to scan, combine, and analyze other characters into a single rationale.

You can use this font for your product, and projects, and perfect for both print and digital screens. Furthermore, you can utilize this font in the making of sites, app developments, titles, headlines, applications, documents, book tags, printing, advertisements, branding, and a lot more purposes.

Font Preview

Fira Code Font

Alternatives to Fira Code Font

  • M+ 1m Font
  • Operator Font
  • Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Font
  • Liberation Mono Font
  • Hermit Font
  • Ubuntu Mono Font
  • Code New Roman Font


Is Fira Code Font free?

Yes, this typeface comes with an open-font license which means you can use this font in every type of project without any limitations.

What is Fira Code Font?

This font is a modified version of Fira Mono Font, which belongs to the humanistic Sans-Serif font family, this font is made on order by Telefonica S.A & The Mozilla Corporation.

Is Fira Code Font a good font?

This font is a perfect coding typeface that contains ligatures for common programming multi-characters which makes it brilliant for scanning, merging, and amazing the code faster.

What font is similar to Fira Code Font?

Losenka’s X-height Font is very similar to this font family.


You can download this font from our website for free download, just click on the download button mentioned below and start downloading process.
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    Free For Personal Use

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