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Helvetica Neue Font Free Download

Helvetica Neue Font

Helvetica Neue Font is a Sans-Serif typeface created by Swiss designer Max Miedinger and printed by Mergenthaler Linotype in 1983. This font family is also recognized as Neue Helvetica.

This typeface has a parent Helvetica font, this font is an adaptation of an innovative typeface, the best thing about it is that this typeface was encouraged by Akzidenz Grotesk Font.

This font style was reformed to have an additional even set of altitudes and measurements with upgraded readability. It has 57 exclusive weights and styles such as Regular, light, bold, black, ultra, medium, thin, roman, heavy, condensed, extended, black, semi-bold, etc.

Still, this typeface comes with different changes like easy reading, and a puffy layout, which makes it perfect and pedestrian for all users. This typeface is free for particular projects but if you want to utilize it commercially then you have to buy it license from the foundry.

This typeface generates unexceptional fallouts when used to make couples with FF Tisa Font. Also, you can get great results when combining this font with the Victor Serif font and New Spirit font.

This typeface is very useful for Windows and social platforms like macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Apple, Microsoft Office, Bravo, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Canva, Adobe, Sketch, CorelDraw, etc.

Moreover, you can get this stunning typeface for free download from our website or Google Fonts.

The Glyphs Structure of Helvetica Neue Font

Helvetica Neue Font Preview

Using Helvetica Neue Font for Eye-Catching Headlines and Titles

This typeface can be used in many places. This font family is very famous because of its classy, clean, and readable texture, you can use this font in the making of Logos, headlines, eBooks, magazine covers, app designs, website designs, clothes, official cards, official presentations, trailers, newspapers, ads, exhibition and so on.

This typeface arises in TTF and OTF file formats that can be used in all kinds of software submissions, thanks to its universal language support as you can use this font according to your region language.

This typeface has an online generator service that can create wonderful and incredible designs and hundred of effects or colors without downloading it.

Similars to Helvetica Neue Font

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FAQs by Font Manufacturer!

What Type of Font Is Helvetica Neue?

It is a Sans-Serif font that was created by Swiss designer Max Miedinger and printed by Mergenthaler Linotype in 1983.

Is Helvetica Neue a Free Font?

This typeface is existing to download free for individual use but if you need to use it commercially then you need authorization from the proprietor.

Can I Use Helvetica Neue Font on My Website?

Yes, you can utilize this typeface for your website which can style your site design more gorgeous and attractive.

Can I Use Helvetica Neue for My Logo?

Definitely, you can utilize this font style for your logo as well as all other graphic designs such as app designing, book covers, banners, posters, captions, flags, standards, prints, photos, and so on.

Can I Download and Use Helvetica Neue Font on My Pc and MacOS?

Yes, it is free to download and use this flawless typeface on your macOS and pc.

Where can I get Helvetica Neue Font?

you can get this typeface from our website, also available as a download free from Google Fonts.

What is the Closest Font to Helvetica Neue?

Here are several fonts that are similar to this typeface and its styles but the Arimo font is very close to this font.

Why is Helvetica Neue so good?

This typeface is a very popular and well-known typeface in the font industry, it is a top selection because of its bold and blocky feature that makes it readable and cherished all over the world.


This awesome font has keen features, so, you can download this cute font family by clicking on the given button.
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    OTF, TTF
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