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Josefin Slab Font Free Download

Josefin Slab Font

Josefin Slab Font is a Slab Serif typeface that was the first font of the designer Santiago Orozco, this font is encouraged by the tendency of the 1930s geometric fonts. The style of this font is based on the writing style of Kabel and Memphis but it has contemporary details and great looks.

Also, this font is motivated by the typewriting-style features of Letter Gothic Font, this font comes in TTF and OTF file formats along with 5 weights Regular, Bold, Semi Bold, Light, and Thin each with similar Italics. It has a modern look and tinny serifs that make it a professional font. Its oblique angles and unbroken width can improve the quality of your project.

This font contains uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, numbers, symbols, signs, and special characters too. Due to its stylish texture, it can be used in Canva, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Sketch, Mega Creators, CapCut, etc.

If you are not interested to download this font style onto your pc or OS then you can use the Josefin Slab Font generator tool to make fast text designs without any cost.

This typeface is available as a free download on Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts, it is useful for Android, Apple, Linux, Infinix, macOS, iOS, Ubuntu, and other devices.

Josefin Slab Font Looks Like 

Josefin Slab Font Preview

What is Josefin Slab Font Used For?

This font can deliver an unbelievable, clear, and delightful appearance to your project, you can use this typeface for documents, business plans, articles, assignments, presentations, printing, billboards, announcements, ads, advertisements, leaflets, descriptions, layouts, flyers, and numerous other related projects.

This font can be utilized in both print and digital media, this typeface can be suitable for the creation of fantastic logos, symbols, titles, signs, captions, subtitles, headlines, headers, newspapers, shop names, website designs, graphics, app designs, book covers, application designs, online videos, promotions, and some other display projects.

Questions that are Commonly Raised!

What font is Josefin Slab Font?

This font is a Slab Serif typeface that was the first font of the designer Santiago Orozco, this font is encouraged by the tendency of the 1930s geometric fonts.

Is Josefin Slab Font a good font?

This typeface is a good option for a display project, it looks good in large-size paragraphs, and this font can make the text legible, stable, strong, and wonderful. It is the best recommendation for your next display project.

Is Josefin Slab Font free?

Yes, this typeface is entirely free for any type of project, you can use this font in a personal project as well as for a profitable project without any license problems.

What font goes with Josefin Slab Font?

Playfair Display Font, Lato Font, Abril Fatface Font, and Cardo Font are the best fonts to make pair with this font for receiving fantastic results.


Download this font if you want to make something super cool. The font is totally for commercial purposes and available for download.
  • File Type
    OTF & TTF
  • Licence
    Free Version

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