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Open Sans Font Free Download

open sans font

Open Sans Font is a humanist Sans-Serif font manufactured by Steve Matteson in 2011. This font family has a similarity to Droid Sans font and has been improved to make the text readable on digital, print screens, and mobile devices.

This typeface contains 5 weights Regular, Bold, Semi Bold, Extra Bold, and Light, each with a similar Italic, it also comes with 879 characters, above than 800 unique glyphs, uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, symbols, standard ISO Latin 1, Greek, Latin CE, and Cyrillic characters, pen-end style, word arrangement, which makes it easy, accessible, highly readable, and identifiable.

This font is mostly used font on Google web pages, Dropbox, print media, advertising, and other places.  This font is the best option for all types of projects from title to body text. This typeface is commonly utilized on all OS like MacOS, iOS, Pc, Linux, Ubuntu, Apple, Android, etc.

This typeface has an online tool known as the Open Sans Font generator tool that can allow you to make amazing designs by using this font without downloading issues. This font family is useful for Canva, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Mega Creators, Sketch, and different types of Windows and web pages.

The Power of Open Sans Font in Branding

This font is mostly used font in all over the world, its polarity goes high day by day with its number of uses. This font family was used in many notable places like the Labour party used this font in past. Also the Liberal Democrat party, and the Co-operative party used this font. Moreover, this typeface is famous in flat-design web pages, and also used in WordPress 3.8.

Open Sans Font Preview

This typeface can be used in the making of professional and unprofessional projects like logos, titles, captions, headlines, announcements, general reports, articles, contents, assignments, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Sheet, website designs, app designs, printing, advertising, and many other display purposes, it can make the text legible, clear, and understandable for everyone on screen.

Generally Asked Questions!

Is Open Sans font free?

Yes, this typeface is completely free for both personal and commercial projects which means you don’t need to buy the license for any type of project.

What font is Open Sans Font?

This is a humanist Sans-Serif font created by Steve Matteson in 2011, this font has above than 800 glyphs, and 897 characters and contains standard ISO Latin 1, Greek, Latin CE, and Cyrillic character set and this is highly legible for print and digital screens.

Is Open Sans Font good for a CV?

This font family is user-friendly and legible which is a good option for a CV, it can make the text body clear, easy, and understandable.

Is Open Sans Font easy to read?

This font is specially designed for print and digital media screens which makes the small text highly readable and clear which means it is a tremendously easy-to-read font.

Why is Open Sans Font so popular?

This font is very famous due to its amazing features and is widely used in body text, it doesn’t have dark coverings, version problems, or unmistakable text, and it has a clear, smooth, and maintained surface which makes it suitable for any project.

Is Open Sans Font similar to Arial?

This font appears very similar to Arial. But, this font looks innovative due to its long hits. This typeface has great legibility, making it a good selection for apps and sites

Is Open Sans good for CV?

This typeface is also considered to be a professional font with clean texture visualization, which is best for body text. So, yes it is good for the CV.

Is Open Sans readable?

Yes, this font has perfectly defined characters which are highly readable.


This cozy typeface is best for different works, if you wish to use it for your plans such as commercials or personal tasks then need to download it from the given button.
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    Free Version

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