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Proxima Nova Font Free Download

Proxima Nova Font

Proxima Nova Font is a classical Sans-Serif typeface, one of the most demanded typefaces in the font market. This font family was developed by Mark Simonson. This font has a wide range of fonts which is a complete modification of this typeface that was out in 1994.

This is a durable, adaptable, geometric Sans with trade superiority. This typeface arises with 7 styles and weights Regular, Bold, Semi Bold, Medium, Black, and Extra Bold, and condensed with the same Italic, also has all characters consist of small and large alphabets, numbers, signs, special characters,s, etc.

Firstly, this typeface was out in 1994 as Proxima Sans with elementary letterforms in 3 weights with similar italic. Afterward, in 2005 came Proxima Nova with a fully featured and multipurpose font family, it is also called New Helvetica due to its adaption and contemporary expression.

Furthermore, you can utilize this typeface in WordPress plugins with Calibri Font, this is logical and comprehensible in both digital and print media. This typeface is totally free for individual usage and alternatives, if you want to use it commercially, then you need to procure its licenses from its owner.

This can be utilized with the Nunito typeface and its styles to get astonishing fallouts. This typeface also offers privileged in Microsoft office. It comes in OTF and TTF file formats.

This typeface is web-safer and suitable for all types of software bits such as macOS, iOS, Android, Apple, and Linux, also useful for designing apps like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Sketch, etc.

You can use its font generator online service to create exclusive designs with hundreds of effects and colors without downloading them. You can use it for your personal project free of cost and download it from our website for free.

Proxima Nova Font Preview

Who Can Use Proxima Nova Font?

This is a combo of standard geometry and recent scopes, it increases so much popularity because of its use in notable places, like Tik Tok, BuzzFeed, Mashable, and NBC News. This typeface generates unexpected fallouts when it makes coupled with the Montserrat font and its styles.

This typeface is a stunning choice for the making of mugs, tiles, T-shirts, logos, heading, captions, documentation, slips, drafts, official presentation, cards, book covers, website designs, app designs, ads, posts, articles, content, and other text or display projects.

Whether you are a designer this typeface is the best choice for all of your designs. Although you want a font for your business logo or book title or another display project, This Font design is a good option. You can use this style of design in various projects to build a professional and attractive look for your project.

Some Important Questions by Designer!

Is Proxima Nova Font a free font?

This famous font family is free for personal use and alternatives, it is not a free font for commercial projects, if you want to use it commercially then you have to buy the license.

Is Proxima Nova Font a Microsoft font?

This font is not available in Microsoft, you can use Metropolis font as an alternative to this font, which is available in Microsoft.

Is Proxima Nova Font the same as Helvetica?

Helvetica font and this font are a little bit different from each other as when we notice the small letter “i” is spotted with a circle, while in Helvetica “i” is spotted with rectangular, this shows a little difference between them.

Is Proxima Nova overused?

This is the most commonly used font on 25,000 websites according to research, because of its size, complete appearance, letter spacing, and its features. Everyone wants to use this font in their project to enhance the beauty of the work.

How do I add Proxima Nova Font to Word?

Open the Control Panel, enter “Appearance and Personalization” then choose the font, drag and drop the font to this window, and then it is accessible in Word.

What Font Is Similar to Proxima Nova Font?

There are several typefaces on websites that are similar to this typeface but Gotham font is the best and more closet to this font family.

What font is similar to Proxima Nova in Adobe?

Monserrat font is one of the best and most similar fonts to this typeface in Adobe.


This font family has keen and clean features if it is your wish to use it then you will download this font just by clicking on the given button.
  • File Type
    OTF, TTF
  • Licence
    Personal Use

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