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Kanit Font Free Download

Kanit Font

Kanit Font is a geometric Sans-Serif font created by Cadson Demak, the word “kanit” means mathematics in Thai. This typeface contains official Loopless Thai and Sans Latin designs. This font style is a combination of a Sans-Serif theme with the bows of a capsulate geometric style that makes it perfect for modern and hi-tech uses.

This typeface is the first Thai typeface family to be hinted with TTF Autohint which is an easy-to-use hinting tool that is extremely suggested. Thanks to its multiple language support and open-font license which make it a top option for multiple designers and developers.

Moreover, this font is available on Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts, this font is compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, Apple, Linux, Ubuntu, and other devices and all types of Windows.

This typeface is suitable for long texts and its dynamic appearance makes it readable and clear for everyone. This typeface comes in several formats such as TTF and OTF file formats.

Kanit Font Weights and Characteristics

This typeface comes in Regular, Thin, Light, Extra Light, Medium, Bold, Semi Bold, Extra Bold, and Black, and each with similar Italic, a total of 18 weights. It also contains uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, symbols, signs, numbers, and special characters.

The most important thing about this font is that the stroke edges have horizontal positions which make the font more readable and understandable in minor size text. Its stunning features and dynamic legible appearance make its first selection for many designers and creators.

Designing with Kanit Font

This typeface is very useful for various displays and contents like long and short passages, headlines, captions, logos, titles, posters, banners, etc. Its unique features make it perfect for any application like Canva, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, etc.

Moreover, it would be a perfect option for branding, printing, advertising, websites, apps, promotions, flyers, outlets, documents, product packaging, and several other design projects.

Kanit Font Family Preview

Kanit Font Family Preview

Kanit Font Pairing

You can pair it with Martel Sans Font which can give a stylish and outstanding result. Martel Sans Font work very well with due to its plain contrast between the characters which is a good quality for a smooth and clean texture.

Furthermore, you can pair this font with other Sans-Serif and serif typefaces such as Monserrat Font, Lato Font, Robot Font, Merriweather Font, Alegreya Font, etc. With these combinations, it can deliver a bold, excellent, elegant, and smooth result.


This versatile font is perfect for many uses and displays to make them eye-catchy and remarkable. It can make the text readable and understandable in smaller sizes. Due to its unique features and characters, it would be a brilliant choice for conveying a proper and clear message to the audience. This font can enhance attractiveness and elegance with the help of its different styles.


You can access the free version of this font for personal use by clicking on the “Download Now” button provided below.
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    OTF & TTF
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    Free For Personal Use

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