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Montserrat Font Free Download

Montserrat Font

Montserrat Font is belonging to the geometric Sans-Serif typeface and was made by the graphic designer Julieta Ulanovsky and published by Google font in 2011, this font style was encouraged by ancient prints and signage from her fellow citizen Bueno Aires that have the same names.

This typeface arises 9 weights and styles regular, medium, light, bold, extra light, thin, extra thin, black, semi bold, with corresponding italic and alternates. You can use Subryada (underline) and Alternates (unique letterform) as comparable to this typeface because they both share the same features as the Monserrat typeface.

In 2017 this typeface family has updated a new version with some tremendous landscapes and letters that makes this font more convenient than the other fonts.

This typeface is very popular among all designers and commonly used on millions of websites. This typeface is easy to read in tiny letters due to its bulky X-height, brief inheritors, and extensive gaps.

Use a font generator tool for various purposes without downloading the typeface into the application. You can create an attractive design like logos, titles, and headlines, by using this font with Proxima Nova font, and Gotham font for free.

Moreover, you can use this font in any browser like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, Brave, etc. Also, this font style is useful when it is used on online platforms for different projects.

You can download this stunning and most commonly used typeface from our website.

Montserrat Font Preview

The Versatility of Montserrat Font in Graphic Design

In the year of 2018, the presidential office of Mexico makes this font a standard font for official documentation, presentations, and publicity for the Government of Mexico.

This versatile and unique typeface has many alternatives and different letterforms can be used in the making of logos, documentation, word presentations, slips, forms, billboards, official or non-official cards, banners, posters, etc.

Its features and styles make it more convenient than other fonts. This typeface is more legible and comprehensible due to its lowercase bold letters.

This font style is most curving today, it is beneficial for any submissions, PC, MAC, etc. This font could be applied in making such an interesting video graphic, book cover, assignment, and social display.

Montserrat Font Free Alternatives

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  • Gotham Font
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Designer FAQs!

What font is Montserrat?

Montserrat is a geometric Sans-Serif font family created by Julieta Ulanovsky and published by Google font in 2011, this font style was encouraged by ancient prints and signage from her fellow citizen Bueno Aires who have the same names.

Why is the Montserrat font famous?

This typeface is very popular among inventors, it is the most commonly used typeface because of its bulky X-height, brief inheritors, and extensive gaps that make it legible and comprehensible even from a distance in tiny letters.

Is Montserrat font free?

Yes, by all means, this traditional typeface comes with an open-source license for all individual and profitable purposes or projects.

Is Montserrat font available in CSS?

Yes, this typeface is accessible in CSS with different font styles and is more convenient for all applications and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Is Montserrat A good typeface?

Yes, this font style is very suitable for many projects consisting of publishing, editing, posters, website designing, and more. It is a geometric typeface and can be used practically anywhere.

Is Montserrat in PowerPoint?

Yes, it is used by Microsoft Office and is available on PowerPoint presentations for headers, labels, and captions. It has a bold, professional look and is best for all kinds of writing.

Is Montserrat font easy to read?

This typeface is brilliant for the making of attractive projects, it has nine different styles including bold and black which makes it highly readable and understandable.


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