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Noto Sans Thai Font Free Download

Noto Sans Thai Font

Noto Sans Thai is a monotone Sans-Serif font that has a contemporary feel, a loopless variant of Southeast Asian Thai script, this font was made by the Monotype Design team.

This font has several weights including Regular, Medium, Light, Extra Light, Bold, Semibold, Extra Bold, and Black. It also includes 6 OTF features, 140 unique glyphs, and 101 characters from the Unicode range Thai. 

This font also consists of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations, symbols, signs, ligatures, alternates, accents, and some special characters. It is also perfect for making a good combination pair with curses font.

This font is convenient for macOS, iOS, Canva, CorelDraw, Android, Apple, Linux, Ubuntu, Mega Creators, Sketches, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and many other devices and software applications.

If you’re not interested in downloading this font onto your pc or OS. Then you can use the Noto Sans Font Generator tool to create beautiful text designs with hundreds of belongings and colors free of cost.

How to Use Noto Sans Thai Font in Your Designs?

This font is perfect for the making of logos, flyers, titles, billboards, captions, symbols, headlines, signs, posters, flags, banners, watermarks, newspapers, leaflets, advertisements, printing and digital work, report writing, and many other related displays.

This font is flawless for websites, thumbnails, ads, statements, apps, official and non-official presentations, promotions, paintings, documents, book covers, craft designs, magazines, online videos, commercials, t-shirts, business outlets, and anything that wants a unique, bold, and approachable texture.

Display of Noto Sans Thai Font

Noto Sans Thai Font Noto Sans Thai Font

Alternatives To Noto Sans Thai Font

  • Noto Sans Khojki Font
  • Noto Sans Newa Font
  • Josefin Sans Font
  • Noto Sans Tifinagh Font
  • Steradian TRAIL Font
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  • Postnord Sans Font

Font Details

Name Noto Sans Thai Font
Designer Monotype Design Team
Style Sans Serif
License Free for Personal Use

License Information of Noto Sans Thai Font

This typeface comes with an open font license which means this typeface is free for all types of projects, you can use it everywhere without any license restrictions.

People Also Ask!

What type of font is Noto Sans Thai Font?

This font is a monotone Sans-Serif font that has a contemporary feel a loopless variant of Southeast Asian Thai script. This font was made by Google.

Is Noto Sans Thai typeface free?

Yes, this font is completely free for all types of projects and displays. You can use it everywhere without any license limitations.

Which Google Font looks like Noto Sans Thai Font?

Pattaya Font is closest to this font family, this font is a form of Lobster extended into Thai, and it supports all variations of Thai writing.

Is Noto Sans Thai typeface good for resumes?

This font has a unique, graceful, and bold texture that makes it perfect for resumes, CVs, articles, content, and other related materials. It can make them more impactful and notable. 


Clicking on the download button below will give you access to this premium typeface. Remember, though, that the file is only meant for personal use and comes at no cost.
  • File Type
    OTF & TTF
  • Licence
    Free For Personal Use

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