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Tesla Font Free Download

Tesla Font

Introducing Tesla Font, a techno font that was made by KAYOver along with a solo weight Regular. This font is motivated by an American company named “Tesla”. It includes 77 glyphs and 154 characters in uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations, symbols, signs, special characters, Basic Latin (93), Latin Extended-A (3), Latin-1 Supplements (53), and General Punctuation (4). 

This font style is highly compatible with macOS, iOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Infinix, Android, Apple, iPads, Oppo, Vivo, Mega Creators, Sketch, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, CapCut, and many other software applications and all sorts of Windows.

It has the best pairing ability with gamer font. Moreover, this font style has an online tool that can convert any text into your selected text with several shades and hundreds of properties without going through the downloading process. This tool is known as the Tesla Font Generator tool. For this step, you just copy the text and paste it everywhere you want to paste it.

License Information of Tesla Font

This typeface is free for individual purposes and alternatives although it has a forbidden license for professional projects.

Various Ways To Use Tesla Font

There are many ways to use this font style in your design projects and make them stylish, innovative, and stand out. This font style is perfect for the making of logos, titles, captions, themes, backgrounds, articles, content, billboards, brochures, and several other design projects. The nasa font is an attractive typeface that also has very similar glyphs.

This typeface is a great option for the creation of resumes, reports, records, flyers, business outlets, layouts, watermarks, marketing, branding, publicity, promotions, documents, official cards, assignments, online ads, tags, book covers, magazines, wedding cards, and many other design purposes.

Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

Tesla Font

Tesla Font

What Original Font Is Used In Tesla Logo?

Tesla Inc. is an American automotive and energy company located in Palo Alto, California. This organization specializes in electric car and solar panel manufacturing. The original font used in its logo is Museo Sans Font made by Exljbris Font Foundry.

Font Guide

Name Tesla Font
Designer KAYOver
Style Techno
License Free For Personal Use

Alternative Fonts For Tesla Font

  • Batman Forever Font
  • Neuropol Font
  • Planet Kosmos Font
  • Usuzi Font
  • Transformer Font
  • Airstrike Font

Mostly Asked Questions!

What type of font is Tesla Font?

This typeface is under the category of the techno texture family that was made by KAYOver along with a solo weight Regular. This font is motivated by an American company named “Tesla”. 

Can I use the Tesla typeface in PowerPoint?

Yes, you can use this font style in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and many other applications, as it is a web-safe font. You can also use it for any type of application.

Is Tesla typeface free?

Yes! This font is free for personal use only but you have to buy a license before using it professionally.

Is Tesla Font the best font?

This font has a techno appearance and characters that can give a display more attractive, appealing, and innovative texture and make it unforgettable and approachable.


Clicking on the download button below will give you access to this unique typeface. Remember, though, that the file is only meant for personal use and comes at no cost.
  • File Type
    OTF & TTF
  • Licence
    Free For Personal Use

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