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Harry Potter Font Free Download

Harry Potter Font

Harry Potter font is a fancy/ Serif typeface created by Janny Barck, this typeface comes in TTF or OTF file formats and has a free version for personal purposes.

This typeface rises in only one weight Regular, also consists of 94 characters, and 87 exclusive Glyphs in Lowercase, numbers, uppercase, punctuation, and special characters, also has Unicode character series Latin-1 Supplement 7, Basic Latin (83), General Punctuation (5).

Actually, this typeface originated from a Movie known as Harry Potter inscribed by J.K. Rowling. Harry potter is an only son of a magician and enchantress and learning in magic school, he has superpowers.

This typeface is delicate and legible and has been applied in many design projects to make it super attractive such as magazine covers, titles, websites, books name, etc.

Furthermore, this typeface can be used on online platforms such as CorelDraw, Canva, Adobe, Mega Creator, Sketch, etc. you can use this font on any software bits like macOS, iOS, Android, Apple, etc.

Use a font generator tool to create an amazing and attractive design by using this typeface without downloading it into your system. Also, you can get exceptional fallouts when this typeface makes coupled with Wizard world font, Dingbats font, and its styles.

If you are searching for a famous movie logo typeface then no further this font style is a great option for your next project that can add touch or excellence to your presentation.

Incorporating Harry Potter Font in Designs with a Sense of Adventure

You can use this font for the production of logos, covers, designs, book cover names, store names, and much more. This typeface is greatest for housewares designs, branding, product promotions, etc. This font has a forbidden license for saleable purposes, although it is free for particular profits.

It can improve the attractiveness of your presentation or generate a subtle presence in your mission. It is very useful for all types of windows and browsers, like Opera, Firefox, Bravo, and Microsoft Edge, and you can make attractive designs by using this font style.

Harry Potter Font Preview

Mostly Raised Questions!

What font looks most like Harry Potter?

There are many fonts that look like this font but Caslon font, Times New Roman font, and Garamond font are more similar to this font.

Who was the developer of the Harry potter font?

Janny Barck was the founder of this font, this font comes in TTF or OTF file formats. It can give enhance the beauty of your presentation.

Is Harry Potter a free font?

No, it is not a free font but it has a free version for personal projects only, yet if you need to use it commercially, you have to buy the license.

Why is Harry Potter font so popular?

This font has unique characters and a blocky texture that make it great and readable in shrink size.

Can I use Harry Potter font commercially?

No, you cannot use this type commercially without obtaining its license.

Can I use Harry Potter in a logo?

Off-course, you can apply this typeface for the manufacturing of logos, as well as it is pertinent for headlines, headers, posters, banners, etc.

Can I use the Harry Potter font on the online platform?

Yes, you can utilize this font on all types of stances such as CorelDraw, Canva, Adobe InDesign, Mega Creators, etc.

Is Harry Potter font safe to use on macOS?

Perceptibly, this font is web safer font you can download and use in macOS, iOS, Android, Apple, and Linux as well.


If you want to put this stylish font in your plans, you need to download this font by clicking on the given button.
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    OTF, TTF
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