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Impact Font Free Download

Impact Font

Let’s Introduced metal Sans-Serif typeface name Impact Font was created by Geoffrey Lee and printed by Stephenson Blake Foundry in 1965, this typeface is also called Meme font.

This typeface comprises with 9 different weights and styles Regular, Bold, Semi Bold, Extra Bold, Medium, Heavy, Ultra, Book, and Light with matching Italic in TTF and OTF file formats. Also contains lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, symbols, and special characters.

This typeface is particularly created for promotional material, if you need a font for memes, and logos then this typeface is best for your project. It can create stunning fallouts when it makes coupled with Compacta font and its styles.

This Font generator tool is also recognized as a Meme Generator that can support you to create tempting designs free without downloading them. This typeface is web safer you can download all sorts of software applications and windows such as macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

This typeface came to the font market when there was a decline in typecasting used in a design project, this typeface has an influential effect on flattened letterspacing, weighty hits, smallest pawn forms, brief ascenders, descenders, and vast X-height.

This typeface is perfect for bold and edited text and is useable for all windows and browsers. This font style design is highly recommended to use on online platforms such as Canva, Adobe, CorelDraw, Mega Creators, etc.

View of Impact Font

This typeface is useful for the making of exclusive logo designs, titles, book covers, documentation, articles, assignments, magazines, invitations card, official presentations, statement writing, and so on.

Impact Font Preview

This typeface is the best option for the creation of bold and blocky text designing projects that makes it legible and clear even from a distance.

You can use this font for various display projects such as branding, advertising, web designing, and product packaging projects. This typeface is great for headlines, posters, and text displays.

Manufacturer FAQs!

Who Designed Impact Font?

Geoffrey Lee created this typeface and out by a firm Stephenson Blake in 1965.

What Type of Font Is Impact?

This typeface is belonging to the category of metal Sans-Serif font family, this typeface particularly created for promotional material.

Why Is Impact the Meme Font?

This typeface is extremely qualified font, when its ongoing consuming in the memes from which this font gain so much acceptance among public and clutch everybody’s consideration so it also called as Meme font.

Is Impact a Free Font for Commercial Use? 

No, this font family is not free for profitable purposes, although it is obtained a free version for personal and particular benefits.

What Is Impact Font Generator?

It is free an online service that produces different design and makes the font companionable without downloading it.

What Fonts are Similar to Impact?

Many fonts are similar to this typeface and its styles but Roboto font is more closet to this stunning typeface family.


This typeface has keen and clean features, you just need to download this font by clicking on the given button.
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    OTF, TTF
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