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Merienda Font Free Download

Merienda Font

Merienda Font is a handwritten typeface that was created by Eduardo Tunni, this typeface has soft, smooth, and minor condensed shaped letters that make it readable in small-size text.

The word “Merienda” means” an afternoon snack” in Spanish. This font is perfect for high-quality displays, headlines, posters, billboards, documents, etc. This font has some kind of brush strokes that can give a dynamic touch to any type of display.

What Are The Main Characteristics Of Merienda Font?

Moreover, this font is modified as a variable font and added some extra weights to make it more impactful, now it offers 7 styles from Light to Black, and its glyphs have also been extended to support a wide range of language supports.

This font comprises 7 styles and weights Regular, Medium, Light, Bold, Semibold, Extra Bold, and Black. It also consists of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations, symbols, signs, glyphs, alternates, accents, multilingual supports, and some specific characters too.

This font arises in TTF and OTF formats which makes it supportive for different applications such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, CorelDraw, Mega Creators, Sketches, Eagle, and a lot more. 

Merienda Font

Designs Guidelines For Working With Merienda Font

This typeface is an ideal option for the making of logos, titles, captions, headlines, posters, banners, billboards, subtitles, online videos, promotions, branding, printing, and other related materials. 

This font is also used in website designs, app developments, profiles, tags, menus, articles, content, flyers, flags, brochures, resumes, CVs, documents, invites, official presentations, assignments, commercials, blogs, thumbnails, and many more displays.

Merienda Font

License Info Of Merienda Font

This font originates in an open font license which means you can use this font without any limitations and for all types of projects.

Online Generator Of Merienda Font

If you’re not concerned about downloading this font family onto your pc then you can use the Font Generator tool that helps you to create beautiful text designs with hundreds of effects and colors free of charge.

Font Guide

Name Merienda Font
Designer Eduardo Tunni
Style Handwritten
License Free Version

Display View Of Merienda Font

Merienda Font

Merienda Font Alternatives

  • Merienda One Font
  • Gel Pen Upright Font
  • Vremena Grotesk Font
  • Meryana Font
  • Calrida Font
  • TYPO COMIC Light Demo Font
  • Nunito Italic Font
  • Asap Italic Font


What font is Merienda Font?

This font is a handwritten typeface that was created by Eduardo Tunni, this typeface has soft, smooth, and minor condensed shaped letters that make it readable in small-size text.

Is Merienda typeface free?

Yes, this font is completely free for all types of projects and displays.

What font goes well with Merienda Font?

Open Sans Font is going very well with this font family, it is a Sans-Serif font that can give beautiful and playful results, and you can pair Lato Font for getting simple and sweet results.

What are the characteristics of the Merienda typeface?

This typeface has soft, smooth, and slightly condensed shape letterforms that can give a display dynamic and stand-out touch. It comes in a variety of weights that make it perfect for headlines and other displays.


To download this font, simply click on the download button below. The file includes both OTF and TTF features.
  • File Type
    OTF & TTF
  • Licence
    Free Version

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