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Times New Roman Font Free Download

Times New Roman Font

Let’s have a look at another Serif typeface family recognized as Times New Roman Font was developed by British designer Stanley Morison and Victor Lardent in 1932 and published by Monotype Company. It is frequently used in computer software for the past several periods.

This typeface is based on a traditional Sans-Serif typeface Plantin Font, A well-known British Newspaper ‘The Times’ allotted this typeface and worked together with this font style for 40 ages.

This typeface arises with 12 different weights Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, Medium, Semi Bold, Italic, and Condensed each with identical italic. It has a high X-height, short letters, plentiful styles, characters, and a substance version. This typeface comes in numerous formats like OTF and TTF file formats.

This typeface is a very popular font utilized on Word documents. It has a great pairing ability as you can get amazing fallouts when it makes couples with Roboto font and Futura font, also it has a font generator tool that can support you to create unique designs and styles without downloading it.

Furthermore, In the 19th era, this typeface was utilized in the printing pitch and has current, high dissimilarity. But afterward, this typeface renewed and comes in better texture in shrink size and high legibility.

It also includes different Linotype variants.  This typeface has the same features as the Lato font. This typeface is web-safer and suitable for all types of software bits such as macOS, iOS, Android, Apple, and Linux, also useful for designing apps like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Sketch, etc.

The Sizzling Look at Times New Roman Font

Times New Roman Font Preview

The Evolution of Times New Roman Font in Design

This typeface is very famous all over the world, everyone wants to use it in their projects. This typeface is perfect for the making of company logos, magazines, websites, social media posts, branding, clothes, invitation cards, emblems, and many more.

Because of its smooth and stylish texture, this can be useful for all types of software applications like macOS, iOS, Android, etc. it is suitable for small-size text paragraphs that make it readable. You can also use this typeface paired with Sanpaullo Signature font in your outmoded or current sites, stamping, and various other spaces.

More FAQs!

Who Designed the Times New Roman Font?

British designers Stanley Morison and Victor Lardent developed this stunning typeface, The Time Magazine worked together with this font for 40 years.

Is Times New Roman 11 or 12 font?

Yes, it is an 11 or 12-point size font, all serif fonts are 11 or 12 like Georgia 11, but 10 points is the standard size of normal computer fonts.

Is Times New Roman Font free to use?

This typeface is free for personal use only, for commercial purposes you have to purchase the license then you utilize it commercially.

What is the standard Times New Roman Font size?

The standard size of this font is 12, you can apply only one style type like Calibri, or Arial font, and the standard size must be 11 or 12 points.

Can I use Times New Roman for my CV?

Yes, you can surely use this font for your resume because it has a high X-height which makes it superbly easy to read and clear, you can apply it and make your CV attractive and understandable.

Why Is Times New Roman So Popular?

This typeface is famous due to its use in Microsoft Word, moreover, it is a highly recommended typeface for designers that make their projects eye-catcher and attractive to the audience.

Is Calibri the same as Times New Roman font?

These fonts are not the same due to their different appearance, Calibri is a Sans-Serif font it has a clear and smooth texture, but this font has a bend, tops, twists corner letters, and a distinctive appearance.

Is Times New Roman Helvetica?

Off-course not, the main difference between Helvetica and this typeface is Helvetica is a Sans-Serif typeface but this font belongs to the Serif font family.

Is Times New Roman Arial?

This font belongs to the Serif family, it has Serif in the letters ‘H’ ‘X’, and ‘I’ but Arial is a Sans-Serif Font and it has no serif in all characters.


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