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Akira Expanded Font Free Download

Akira Expanded font belongs to the Sans-Serif font family created and released by a well-known font foundry Typologic. This typeface originates in many formats like TTF and OTF file formats, it has a super bold and legible appearance.

Akira is a Japanese animated cyberpunk movie written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, produced and publish by Ryohei Suzuki and Tokyo Movies. The main font was used in Akira’s logo Jim Lee Font created by Comicraft.

This font family contains three weights Bold, Light, and Outline, above than 100 solid and rounded shape letters, and also includes capital case and small case alphabets, digits, punctuation, and a few special characters.

This bold typeface is known for its pairing ability and produce an outstanding result with Straight Outta Compton Font, this contemporary font is highly usable on Mac OS, iOS, Android, Apple, Linux, Ubuntu, and all Window.

You can use the Akira Expanded Font generator tool to create amazing logos, titles, captions, and other designs without downloading issues free of cost. This typeface is useful for designing applications like Canva, Adobe, Corel Draw, Mega Creators, Sketch, etc. you can get this fantastic font family from our website free of cost.

The Characters Display of Akira Expanded Font

This font is a bright option for the creation of different bold designs like logos, stationery, invitation cards, social media posts, signs, posters, billboards, watermarks, app designs, product packaging, and so on. Many creators applied this typeface in their projects, as this is convenient for diaries, PowerPoint, certification, content, digital or design media, etc.

Akira Expanded Font Preview

You can use this typeface in high-quality projects who need a super bold appearance, it is fit for the making of gorgeous, bold, and highly readable text designs. By using its online generator ability, you can modernize any simple text into outstanding text.

FAQs by Font Manufacturer!

What type of Akira Expanded Font?

This font belongs to the Sans-Serif font family created and released by a well-known font foundry Typo logic, it has a super bold and legible appearance.

Is Akira Expanded Typeface free for commercial use?

No, this font is not accessible for free for commercial or any type of profitable project because it has a proscribed license.

What font is similar to Akira Expanded Font on Google Fonts?

Unbounded Font, Encode Sans Font, and Seymour One Font are one of the best alternatives to this font on Google Fonts.

Is Akira Expanded Font a good Font?

This typeface is a good font and highly recommended for any type of project whether they are official or non-official, it can give a bold and easy-to-read appearance to the project.

What is the Akira Expanded Font generator tool?

This is a free online facility that can support you to make beautiful designs like labels, captions, headlines, and billboards, without downloading process.


If you want to utilize this stunning font in your projects, then just press the below download button and enjoy its stunning texture.
  • File Type
    OTF & TTF
  • Licence
    Free For Personal Use

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