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Courier New Font Free Download

Courier New Font

Courier New Font belongs to the Slab Serif font family and was designed by Adrian Frutiger for the IBM Selectric sequence with static pitch design, and monotone weight applied to compete with a typewriter production for reports, smooth work, and practical credentials.

This typeface is a modified version of a Typeface known as Courier Typeface was created by Howard Kettler with an inventive title ‘Messenger’ in 1955. Courier New Typeface rises in 4 weights Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic also contains uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, signs, and special characters.

You can pair this font with Hero font and Falco font which can make it more legible. You can download and use this font in macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Apple, etc. this font can be applied in Canva, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, and many other software submissions.

This typeface has an online facility that can help you to create wonderful designs by using this font without downloading it into your pc or operating system.

Enhancing Your Design with Courier New Font

This font has contemporary features and great decisions for the creation of all varieties of design, it is fit for logos, captions, names, slogans, slips, passages, certifications, etc. Many pupils can use this typeface in their university or college projects, demonstrations, and records.

It is also flawless for sites, tagging, themes, credentials, billboards, and any type of authorized and non-official demonstrations. This font has a plain and remarkable style that can be applied in the making of exciting invitation cards, leaflets, pictures, flags, labeling, book covers, thumbnails, and so on.

The Glyphs Structure of Courier New Font

Courier New Font Preview


Is Courier New Font a free font?

This font family is free for personal and commercial projects and plans which means you can use this font in all types of projects.

Is Courier Font and Courier New Font the same font?

They are quite different from each other, Courier font is a display Typeface it is not smooth when you extended it, it’s rough, but Courier New Typeface is a TT font it can stay smooth in all sizes.

Is Courier New easy to read?

Yes, this font is very easy to read because it has a static pitch design, and monotone weight which makes it easy to read than the other Slab serif fonts.

What Google font is similar to Courier New Font?

Cousine Font is similar to this font in Google fonts, this font was planned by Steve Matteson, and belongs to the Sans-Serif font family.

Why Courier New Font is the best font?

This font is a monospaced typeface, it has a smooth and comfortable surface for all types of projects, and it is easy to read and eye-catchy.


This gorgeous typeface is best for many designs so you will have to download it by clicking on the given button.
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    Free Version

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