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Merriweather Font Free Download

Merriweather Font

Merriweather Font is a Slab-Serif font made by Sorkin Type, this typeface was specially created for text to make it readable on screens. It has a family Merriweather Sans Font which belongs to the Sans-Serif font family.

This typeface arises in 4 weights Regular, Bold, Ultra-Bold, and Light, each with matching Italics. It has 996 glyphs and 672 unique characters including uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, symbols, signs, and a few special characters. It also contains an extended X height, a few condensed letters, minor oblique stress, strong serifs, and open procedures.

This typeface is available on Google Fonts and Adobe fonts and is useful in the CSS family. This font is highly useable on MacOS, iOS, Android, Apple, Linux, Ubuntu, and all Window. You use the Merriweather Font generator tool to create amazing designs without downloading issues free of cost.

This typeface is useful for designing applications like Canva, Adobe, CorelDraw, Mega Creators, Sketch, etc. you can get this fantastic font family from our website free of cost.

What is Merriweather Font Used For?

This typeface is a great option for the creation of logos, titles, T-shirts, statement writing, posters, branding, clothing, fashion magazine, websites, game graphic, video graphics, invitation cards, official cards, newspapers, headlines, and other projects.

You can apply this font in the making of leaflets, layouts, brochures, business ideas, assignments, documents, themes, signs, symbols, templates, articles, content, reports, certificates, printing, paintings, and countless other design materials.

Merriweather Font Image Preview

Merriweather Font Preview

More FAQs!

What is Merriweather Font?

This font is a semi condensed Serif font made by Sorkin Type, this typeface was specially created for text to make it readable on screens.

Is Merriweather Font a good font for a book?

This typeface is a good selection for the making of book covers, titles, and body text. It can make the text readable and clear, you can use it in captions, headlines, subtitles, posters, and so on.

Is Merriweather Font a formal font?

This typeface has a formal appearance which is perfect for body text and headlines, its serif and modern characters provide a contemporary and fresh look to your project and make it attractive.

Is Meriweather Font a free font?

This font family is free for all types of projects, you can use this font in personal and professional projects without any restrictions.


This typeface is best for different works, if you wish to use it for your plans such as commercials or personal tasks then no need to purchase it, because its fully free.
  • File Type
    OTF & TTF
  • Licence
    Free Version

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