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Lucida Sans Font Free Download

Lucida Sans Font

Lucida Sans Font is a humanist Sans-Serif font that was made by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes with pure geometric structure and elegant lines and published by Bigelow and Holmes Inc. in 1993. It comes with a large x-height that makes it highly legible in all sizes. When it is used in all-caps letters with a minor amount of additional letter spacing then it gives a tighter and warmer look to anything.

This elegant font style originates in Demibold Italic, Demibold Roman, Italic, and Regular. It also includes 243 glyphs and smooth characters in uppercase lowercase, numbers, punctuations, symbols, signs, alternates, accents, and some special characters.

You can easily pair this font with supreme font and make elegant projects.  This typeface is well-suited with macOS, Canva, CorelDraw, Mega Creators, Sketch, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, CapCut, Eagle, and several other applications and Windows. 

Furthermore, if you’re not interested in downloading this font onto your PC then you can use the Lucida Sans Font Generator tool to create beautiful text designs with different colors and hundreds of belongings free of price. Just copy the text and paste it into every place you want.

License Information Of Lucida Sans Font

This font is free for personal use only although it has a prohibited license for professional projects.

Where Can We Use Lucida Sans Font?

This typeface can be used in a wide range of projects such as logos, memes, titles, headers, footers, headlines, posters, manuals, articles, content, directories, and several other projects.

This font style is a great option for the making of impactful website designs, app developments, billboards, brochures, flyers, themes, backgrounds, envelopes, wedding cards, official cards, offering cards, reports, records, resumes, and many other related purposes.

This style of lettering is a brilliant choice for high-quality displays to make them approachable and noteworthy. This font is a top option for many designers due to its high legibility and versatility. This typeface is a good selection for branding, marketing, promotions, publicity, CVs, online ad, tags, and many more.

Font Guide

Name Lucida Sans Font
Designer Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes
Style Sans-Serif
License Free For Personal Use

View Image Of Lucida Sans Font

Lucida Sans Font

Lucida Sans Font

Alternative Fonts For Lucida Sans Font

  • Lucida Sans Unicode Font
  • Supra Font
  • Go Font
  • Bogle Font
  • Kanit Font
  • Flex Font

People Also Ask!

What is the Lucida Sans Font?

This font is a humanist Sans-Serif font. It was made by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes with pure geometric structure and elegant lines. This font was published by Bigelow and Holmes Inc. in 1993.

Is Lucida Sans Font a free font?

This typeface is free for individual purposes as well as for personal use only you have to buy a license to use it commercially.

Is Lucida Sans Font a legible font?

Due to its geometric and clean texture, it is a highly easy-to-read, legible, and versatile font style, its smooth, elegant, and clear characters make a display legible and understandable.

What Google Font is similar to Lucida Sans Font?

Roboto Font, Montserrat font, and Lunasima Font are the best alternatives to this font family on Google Fonts.


With just a click on the download button below, you can download this font that has multiple characters and styles to enhance your designs.
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    OTF & TTF
  • Licence
    Free For Personal Use

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