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Raleway Font Free Download

Raleway Font

Here introducing another Sans-Serif typeface identified as Raleway Font. This typeface was first created by an expert designer Matt McInerney in only one weight Thin, this is a very appropriate typeface for designing presentations.

Subsequently, a new updated version has been added to this typeface family that has 9 weights Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, Semi Bold, Thin, Light, Extra Light, Heavy, and Medium, designed by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2012. This is a delicate and superlative selection for all traditional and contemporary graphic design projects.

This typeface has also an accessible sister typeface recognized as Raleway Dots Font, it includes all essential alphabets, coating digits, usual and flexible lines, whole set accents, and formal substitutes that are motivated by geometric San-Serif typeface.

Besides, this font is famous for its pairing quality as you can make a combination of this font with the cormorant font for the accomplishment of incomparable conclusions. You can download this typeface from our official website. This typeface is also listed in the Google font library.

Also, you can use the Raleway Font generator tool to create appealing designs without downloading it into the system, this is a useful option to utilize on online platforms like Canva, Adobe, CorelDraw, etc. this typeface is 100% secure to use on all sorts of software bits such as macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

Some Common Uses of Raleway Font in Many Fields

There are various places where you can simply utilize this font for the creation of logos, posters, banners, general reports, invitation cards, social media posts, headlines, and titles, and likewise, you can produce several other things like houseware designs, advertising, watermark, and branding of somethings.

This font style would be flawless for coupling with another typeface for receiving extraordinary consequences, it is perfect for business layouts, statements, greeting cards, and both pattern and numeral media.

You can also apply this typeface in your daily work projects as well as in school, organization, and office projects. It is fitter for headlines, and magazine covers, and many creators also use this font style for creating bold, sparkling, and plain text styles.

Raleway Font Preview

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Few FAQs You Need to Know!

Is Raleway a free font?

Yes, this typeface is totally free for both rewarded and free projects and plans.

What font is Raleway?

This typeface is belonging to the Sans-Serif font family, created by Matt Mcinerncy in only one thin weight, but later an updated version has been added to this font with 9 weights, designed by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2012.

Is Raleway a web-safe font?

Yes, this typeface is 100% web safer you can download and use all types of software and windows such as macOS, iOS, Android, etc.

Why choose Raleway Font?

This is a versatile typeface and suitable for both print and digital media, it has bold and black letterform that makes your presentation highly legible and logical.

What Font Is Closest to Raleway?

There are numerous fonts that make the best couple with other typefaces but Avenir font and Proxima Nova font are close to this typeface.

Where Should Raleway Typeface Be Used?

This font is actually inclusive and this can simply be exploited in all kinds of presentation and production fields such as logo design, cloth design, titles, headlines, captions, banners, etc.


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